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If you’re anything like me, you might have spent the past couple of months diving into the realm of neural networks only to submerge from the depths of deep learning and realize you’ve neglected classical machine learning by casting it aside.

Although a lot of cutting-edge artificial intelligence research puts…

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The human need of air is a constant condition until death. Living beings rely on the respiration process; the intake of oxygen fuels our cells, breaks down the food we eat into energy, kills bacteria, etc.

That being said, it goes without saying that the quality of air we breathe…

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Table of Contents

i. Introduction

  • State of the Amazon Ecosystem
  • The potential of Artificial Intelligence

ii. Understanding the Dataset

iii. Computer vision; Conv-net architectures

  • Multi-label Classification
  • VGG-19
  • AlexNet
  • Inceptionv3
  • Transfer Learning

iv. Amazon Satellite Chip Imagery ML Classification Model

  • Data Visualization / Exploratory Analysis
  • Preprocessing
  • Model
  • Comparison of Model Performance

v. Closing Notes

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I grew up next to a library. It was a second home. There was no greater joy than jay-walking across the busy road after school, throwing caution to the wind, because I was eager to discover what new world awaited me beyond those heavy glass doors.

The section of the…

A wide scope — but not exhaustive— guide to algorithms.

Where machine meets intelligence; the creation of AI.

Algorithms are the agents that propel machine learning forward, and they’re the source of life that powers artificial intelligence — a technology that will transform virtually every aspect our our lives. …

A humpback whale ascending to the surface.
Photo courtesy of Monterey Bay Aquarium.

What if we copied nature in the process of design? Maybe our world would be more efficient, cutting-edge, and cleaner if the origin of our concepts for design were derived from the most ancient designer: nature. But we don’t. Our world is poorly designed because we fail to draw inspiration…

Robot CloudPainter at work on a painting. Image courtesy of CloudPainter.

If ancient philosophers caught wind of the artificial intelligence humans would go later create, they’d no doubt wax poetic about the selcouth beauty in the idea of those creations sharing in what we believed to be an ability limited to only humans: art. Art is the fabric of human expression…

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